Unit 26 Alkanes and alkenes

Addition reaction

Addition reaction - a reaction in which two or more molecules react to give a single product

Catalytic cracking

Catalytic cracking - using catalyst in the cracking process to increase the rate of reaction

Chain reaction

Chain reaction - serial reactions in which some products of previous reactions are the reactants of the following reactions


Cracking - the breaking down of larger hydrocarbon molecules with heat or catalyst to produce smaller hydrocarbon

Saturated hydrocarbon

Saturated hydrocarbon - a hydrocarbon in which all the carbon atoms are connected to each other by single bonds

Substitution reaction

Substitution reaction - a reaction in which an atom (or group of atoms) in a molecule is replaced by another atom (or group of atoms)

Unsaturated hydrocarbon

Unsaturated hydrocarbon - a hydrocarbon that has one or more double or triple bonds between the carbon atoms

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